TheRickshawLive #movingthemusic


18 channel mix

2.5 kW sound






we don’t have a studio.

….a bar or a restaurant with a corner stage.

We have a rickshaw. 

Not just a rickshaw – we have special rickshaw built to move music.

Transport music..


To people that need it

like they need a steady stream of

blood and oxygen.

They need it to cope,

  for relief, 

  for hope,

  for commiseration.

  To live. 

We are grinding through an epic of human pain, fear, and

events that shake and disrupt

with little to grab and hold – little to steady

the quaking soul.

Music can steady.

Music – live music.

It can move us all toward a steady center

where we are shielded / where a respite of

peace and transformation wraps softly

sweetly and gently soothing the frayed edges

of our delicate human souls –

– steadies us,

replenishing us with hope and courage.

The strength to be what we have to be for each other.

A humanity of souls that are afraid – yes,

but not afraid to reach out and around each other.

United in our frailty, but emboldened by our shared


Determined to survive.

With a little melody

   coming from deep in that place in humans we share

it has to reach our chords and lips – seeping out.

We humans can’t help it – it’s our shared medium of

pain and hope –

leaking as a thread of joy from our troubled hearts

– a way to unite as a species and sing the same pleas

– together,

Wishes and dreams that pull us forward

from the agonies and dark swirling

that pull us down.




My name is Tim Ryschon and I conceived and launched TheRickshawLiveTM  as a launch vehicle for stars.

Performance stars.

The problem stars face is motion.  Motion while they perform.  Motion across a plaza, around a city block, or over a valley trail.  Motion is a problem typically because it challenges performing technique.  Its also a big engineering challenge.

If a stage could be developed that was self-contained, stable, and small enough to keep the performers in close contact with their afficianados, a new high in appreciation could be reached.

My solution for this novel live performance platform consists of a state of the art mobile soundstage, locomoted by a single bicycle pedaler.

The hardware platform for this stage consists of a hyper-modified, patented bicycle pedicab that can transport 4 musicians while amplifying their voices and instruments to the passing sidewalk audience.

Video monitors facing the sidewalk and rear of the carriage continuously project messaging and live video, while wireless LED lighting illuminates the performance.

The primary mission is to transport live performers through non-traditional venues such as alleys, along-side sidewalks, fountain plazas, ocean-front side walks, and trails.  Although musicians are  the most frequent occupants of our stage, performers of all genres are welcome that can be reasonably accommodated on the starship’s top-deck.  This might include: dj’s, poets, story tellers, broadcasters and other performers seeking to add unrivalled charm and intrigue to their performance.

TheRickshawLive is wintering in Pensacola Florida! 

Building a mobile live-performance ecosystem is our #1 priority and will depend on collaborations with:

  • Players
  • Commercial Sponsors
  • Non-profits
  • Academic institutions
  • You!  The music afficionado!

The world of performance venues has been disrupted.  Let’s put wheels on it and #rollwithit!