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Maker Faire – Pensacola!

Nov 10, 2023 | Maker


TheRickshawLive knows about Makers!

Music Makers and Rickshaw Makers for sure.  But on November 11, 2023, Rhoda met a whole new crowd of makers at the Pensacola Maker Faire.

If you are looking for creative inspiration and want to meet people that actuate such inspiration, the Maker Faire is the place!

Some eighty, yes EIGHTY, makers lined up to show their creations in downtown Pensacola, surrounding the Museum of Commerce.

The day before, we had an on-stage chat with Jaromy Kuhl, Ph.D., Dean of the Hal Marcus School of Science and Engineering at University of West Florida about what happens at a Maker Faire!  See the YouTube video here!

On the day of, Rhoda was there, a low-earth orbit #perfectlypedalledsoundstage for makers like Pat Meusel, spinning his #motionalmusic!  You can see the all the fun we had on our Maker Faire wrap-up Youtube reel!


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