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Streamline Cannonball

Dec 4, 2020 | Maker

Streamline Cannonball is a Doc and Merle Watson tribute band formed by local Fort Collins musical artists, Andrew DeCarlo of Cosmic Mesa, Derek Blake of Free Range Pickens and Mustard Licks as well as local upright bass legend, John Stewart. For years the music of Doc and Merle Watson has touched the hearts and minds of these salty dogs and they have embarked on a quest to carry on the songs, styling’s and stories of The Watson Family. Streamline Cannonball performances have been known to shufflin them cards, have you sittin on top of the world, take you to the gallows of a pallet on the floor and leave you drinkin whiskey for breakfast. So get on board! It’s a long steel rail and a short cross tie…The Streamline Cannonball.

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