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18 channel mix

2.5 kW sound



The Rickshaw Live

and Financial Gifts

TheRickshawLive depends on public donations and grants to fuel our live-performance launch vehicle.

Join these donors in supporting our mission by funding one of our focus areas below.

Single live performance:
..Mish’n Booster, 2019, themishawaka.com
..Youth On Record, 2018, www.youthonrecord.org
..Music District, 2018, www.themusicdistrict.org

Unrestricted donations for live performance:
..Tim Ryschon, 2019

Marketing Study 2018:
..Colorado Creative Industries, Americans For The Arts, 2018


Funding Categories

Are You Ready to Help?

Review the categories below.  Select your preferred project and  click the DONATE button above.  After you receive your receipt, reply with the project you want to support with your gift.

And Thank you for supporting TheRickshawLive!


Single Live Performance

Just for that special promotion – private or business related. TheRickshawLive will orbit your event for 1 hour with live performers and custom event messages on our screens. Your message or video is displayed on our LCD monitors mounted on 3 sides of the stage.

..Donation minimum: $500


Live Youth Performance

Kids have very limited venues for public performing.  TheRickshawLive loves to give them such an auspicious stage for showcasing their talent!  Your donation supports pay to the performers, captain, ground crew, fuel costs, and coordination for talent selection, musician orientation, and social media support for the effort.
.. Minimum donation: $100


Audio Engineering Apprentice

The on-board 18 channel, wireless SOH mixing system and digital recording output opens the door to a unique learning opportunity for budding engineers.  This fund provides stipends to support audio engineer interns who study live sound production using the mobile stage and recording studio of TheRickshawLive in collaboration with FRCC.
..Minimum donation: $50


Unrestricted Live!

That’s what you seen the most – Rikki or Rhoda just coasting street-side, launching smiles and joyful giggles, bringing urban healing to the masses!  Your donation provides payment to the performers, captain, and crew while supportiing general operations (social media costs, bookkeeping costs, and general overhead costs).
..Minimum donation: $25

#Moving the Music


Los Angeles, Fort Collins, Pensacola