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Cody Schell

Dec 3, 2020 | Maker

Having started early learning classical compositions on the upright bass in middle school, Cody Schell has been playing strings for most of his life. During his earlier years, he picked up the mandolin, banjo, jazz bass and guitar with the support and influence of his family, but acoustic guitar won him over as the instrument of choice. Through learning other’s songs and being self-taught, he’s developed a unique voice and a broad vocal range that has been influenced by nearly all genres and generations of music – but especially classic rock, soul, and folk.
More recently, he began focusing on songwriting and has produced several catchy tunes with clever lyrics about the beauty and struggles of life. Cody recently graduated from Colorado State University with a degree in biology, but decided he had more to contribute in the world of music. Listeners can expect to hear lyrics inspired by his passion for the outdoors and his belief that being open-minded is the best way to approach life.

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