Ryan Seward

Ryan Seward (b. 1988, Arlington, TX) is an improviser, composer, and sound artist based in Denver, CO.

His improvisational work centers around approaching the drum as a site of resonance and employing various techniques and preparations to achieve an extensive timbral palette. He also works with zither, contact mics, analog electronics, and field recordings.

As a composer/sound artist, Seward composes and conceptualizes music/sound for improvisers/spaces. His practice is rooted in a concern for deep listening, communitarian ritual, and the subjective emotional and subconscious engagements with the unique characteristics and qualities of our sonic environments.

Seward curates the record label, emic rite, in order to document his own work and the work of other living experimental and contemporary improvisers, composers, and sound artists, especially those of the American Mountain West.