About Us

The Rickshaw Live is a novel live-performance mobile sound-stage, locomoted by a single bicycle pedaler.

Rhoda, our largest pedaled soundstage can roll bands, DJ’s, poets, story tellers, broadcasters and other performers with an unrivaled charm and intrigue that is unique to this human-powered, moving venue that brings pedestrians to a smiling halt.

The Rickshaw Live is a non-profit initiative aiming to provide creatives new and expansive audiences while giving audiences unprecedented proximity and interaction with performers. Operating under the Minnechaduza Foundation, a 501(c) public charity, TheRickshawLive is seeking public gifts to support live performances, to develop youth performers, while giving audio engineering interns a venue for skill development. Help us build a music ecosystem that supports creatives and their industry!



Music District’s 3rd anniversary party: Surround Sound Bash

Hard to believe but its been 3 grand years for our friends at the Music District in FoCo and a

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FoCoMX 2019!

FoCOMX+RSLYep!  FoCoMX 2019 is hurtling towards us/or we toward them with a full house of talent that will knock your

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What is the first-ever, only-of-its-kind 1-day event where all performers are paid while orbiting a terrestial audience from a pedaled

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